Instructions for use Dr. DERM

Solution # 1 for psoriasis in Bulgaria

Apply the cream to areas of skin damaged by psoriasis


  • itchy and burning on the skin;
  • redness, flaking, dry skin;
  • skin plaque.

Since psoriasis is the result of immune function failure, excessive immune function will soon lead to thinning of the body in general. Manifestation of psoriasis symptoms on the skin is also accompanied by general weakness, chronic fatigue and various depressive conditions. Difficulty controlling disease and social withdrawal shifts psoriasis symptoms from physical to psychological. It is important to start using Dr. DERM for treatment until the problem increases.

Using the cream according to the instructions will give a long-term remission after a month Dr. DERM. It is very likely that psoriasis will no longer bother you if you avoid the risk factors:

  • infectious diseases and injuries;
  • Inadequate care for thin dry skin;
  • presence of bad habits;
  • pressure;
  • decreased immunity;
  • allergic reactions.

How to use to relieve psoriasis symptoms quickly

  1. The skin surface must be clean and dry while applying the cream.
  2. The amount of cream is determined individually, based on the ability of the damaged skin to absorb it.
  3. Rub the cream with a light massaging motion with your fingers or applicator.
  4. Let the cream soak for a few minutes.
  5. Cream can be washed with water if necessary. Avoid contact with alcohol-based lotions and detergents that dry out your skin.
  6. Apply daily. The amount of application is determined by the appearance of dryness in the damaged area.

Special instructions and contraindications available

Psoriasis, like allergies, is the result of a disorder of the immune system. Therefore, you need to choose medication carefully, because there is always a risk of exacerbating unpleasant symptoms. Individual skin characteristics do not allow generalization. Therefore, careful testing of healthy skin areas, as well as consulting a specialist, will not hurt.

In special situations, be careful and remember to see your doctor:

  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • children under three years;
  • recent illness and surgery.

On their behalf, the developer Dr. DERM has done everything to protect you from unexpected surprises. The composition of 100% natural ingredients can be considered hypoallergenic. The cream has passed all the necessary safety test levels in accordance with international standards. And also tests on the experimental group, which confirmed its effectiveness in the event of an increase in psoriasis. This composition does not contain GM, steroids, parabens and other chemicals that can harm damaged skin.